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This History from Capital District History Pages


Organized Apr. 7, 1948. Chartered May 19, 1948.
Sponsor Bland County, VA
Division 3
Southwest Virginia Region
Key #03133
98th District Club
Population (1948) 6,700

(From Volume 6)
President Ben Swecker, Secretary Harold S. Wampler

(From Volume 7)
President Horace Sharitz, Secretary Harold S. Wampler
Membership Jan 1 - 31; Attendance 92%

The club sponsored the local Boy Scout Troop; sent a boy to the Safety Patrol School in Washington, and another to Boy State; and had a school bus shelter built in a location where it can be used by a number of children; is carrying on a tree-planting project, using 4-H Club members and Boy Scouts to plant trees under the direction of the Forest Ranger; is working for the establishment of a Key Club; cooperated with all local civic projects, and is working for the establishment of a Hospital; put on a successful Horse Show to raise funds for community work; purchased sixty pairs of shoes for needy children, and gave a Christmas party for fifty children, with a turkey dinner and presents for each child; and sponsored a weekly broadcast on the subject "Go to Church."

President Paul W. Walk, Secretary Harold S. Wampler
Membership Jan. 1 - 34; Attendance 93%

Five visits to other clubs. Three new members were inducted. Representation was made to Kiwanis International and District conventions.

The club reseeded 1 acre of white pine seedlings. Sponsored a farmers night. Sponsored a Boy Scout Troop. Raised $2,000 by sponsoring the Preston Show for 3 nights. Assisted with the March of Dimes. Purchased a hearing aid at a cost of $65. Entertained 30 children at the Christmas party.

President H. S. Wampler, Secretary C. C. Carp
Membership Jan. 1 - 22, Attendance 95%
LG Lewis Jones

Six interclubs visits were made. Entertained the George Wythe High School Basketball Team. Continued sponsor of Boy Scout Troop 60. Contributed $100 to a local high school for athletic purposes.

Purchased a $65 hearing aid for a child. Spent approximately $300 for clothes, shoes and other items for children unable to attend school. Removed tonsils for 4 children. Contributed $100 to the dental clinic.

President Ralph C. Whitt, Secretary Harold S. Wampler
Membership Jan. 1 - 30; Attendance 92%

There were ten 100% meetings held during the year. Sixteen inter-club visits made and 9 visits by other clubs. Ten new members were inducted. The President, Vice President and Secretary were present at the Divisional Organization Conference. The registered for the International Convention and two were present at the District Convention.

The club spent $80 to re-sod the ball park after the annual horse show. We stocked a stream with adult trout for Scouts. Entertained 21 girls of the high school basketball team and their coaches. $225 was given to George Wythe High School Band for uniforms. A free show and ice cream were given to 360 kids on National Kids' Day. The club presented a radio program urging people to attend church. Shoes and clothing were given to needy children. We sore to raise funds for needy children. We helped to sponsor a "College Night for the entire county with 60 colleges present.

President Bert UDell, Secretary Harold S. Wampler
Membership Jan. 1 - 29; Attendance 91%

Six new members were inducted. Ten visits to other clubs and four visits received. A monthly bulletin was issued. Officers and 4 members were present at the Divisional Organization Conference. Two members attend the International Convention and one member attended the District Convention.

We sponsored a Boy Scout Troop and Explorer Troop. Co-sponsored an annual Southwest Virginia Horse Show in June. We furnished and maintained playground equipment. Sponsored and organized a Key Club on June 1, 1955 with 25 Key Clubbers attended weekly meetings.

The annual Christmas party - shoes and clothing were purchased for needy school children. Hot lunches were furnished for approximately 100 indigent children. Held a winter festival raising $200.

President ?

President Jack G. Kaylor, Secretary Harold B. Wampler

President Edwin C. Armbrister, Secretary Harold B. Wampler

President Hugh P. Grubb, Secretary Harold B. Wampler
Governor Lewis Jones

President L. Hargus Crockett, Secretary Harold S. Wampler

President Raymond E. Dodson, Secretary Harold S. Wampler

President G. Joe Eldridge, Secretary Harold S. Wampler
Membership Jan. 1 - 39

Celebrated 14th Birthday July 24, with 120 members and guests in the form of a family picnic. Recognized seven remaining Charter Members: Carl Carp, George Young, Tom Noell, Harold Wampler, Hoarace Sharitz, Olaf Milgrim, and Lewis Jones (Past Governor).

President Edgar L. Weinberg, Secretary G. Frank Reasor

President Gordon L. Ownby, Secretary G. Frank Reasor

President Morris W. Witten, Secretary G. Frank Reasor
Edgar L. Weinberg

President Perry G. Davis, Secretary G. Frank Reasor

President Donald K. Flinchum, Secretary Rannie D. Porter

President Carl Powers, Secretary Rannie D. Porter

Celebrated 20th year of Kiwanis Service with a program recognizing 4 members with Kiwanis Service Awards. Those receiving the award were Perry Davis, Edwin Armbrister, Joe Eldridge, and Ed Wineberger.

President Alvin L. Burger, Secretary Charles A. Harris

1969 - 1970
President Edwin F. Wilson, Secretary Charles A. Harris
Perry G. Davis

1970 - 1971
President Rannie D. Porter, Secretary Morris W. Witten

1971 - 1972
President W. Douglas Brewer, Secretary W. Gordon Johnson

1972 - 1973
President Howard Ogden, Secretary W. Gordon Johnson
Sponsor Galax Club

1973 - 1974
President John S. Fox, Secretary Larry W. Duty

1974 - 1975
President James W. Trent, Secretary E. Byron Umberger

1975 - 1976
President Eric J. Collins, Secretary E. Byron Umberger

1976 - 1977
President James A. Williams Jr, Secretary E. Bryon Umberger

1977 - 1978
President James G. Repass, Secretary E. Byron Umberger

1978 - 1979
President John David Hall, Secretary Thomas A. Bralley Jr
LG Ralph C. Whitt

1979 - 1980
President Jerome E. Johnson, Secretary William E. Carter

1980 - 1981
President Norman H. Scott, Secretary Thomas A. Bralley Jr

1981 - 1982
President Richard C. Hargis, Secretary Ralph C. Whitt
Membership Oct. 1 - 30
LG Ralph C. Whitt

(From Annual Report)

1. Boy Scout Show - hosted and sponsored the 1982 Mountain Empire Scout Show. Thirty Scout units from this area participated on March 27. The Scouts sold tickets amounting to $3,000 that was used for programs within the district. An estimated 500 to 600 attended. The Kiwanis Club donated a bike, valued at $150 and operated a concession stand that made $300 for service projects. All 23 active members and 3 senior members participated for a total of 150 man hours.

2. The club each year grants a full scholarship ($500) to a local high school student attending Wytheville Community College.

1982 - 1983
President William E. Carter, Secretary Ralph C. Whitt

1983 - 1984
President Terrance E. Suarez, Secretary Ralph C. Whitt

1984 - 1985
President Roy B. Hand, Secretary Ralph C. Whitt

1985 - 1986
President ?

1986 - 1987
President Thomas E. Ashworth, Secretary Terrance E. Suarez

1987 - 1988
President John D. Hall, Secretary Terrance E. Suarez

1988 - 1989
President Richard C. Hargis, Secretary Terrance E. Suarez

1989 - 1990
President J. Douglas Kelly, Secretary Terrance E. Suarez

1990 - 1991
President Terrance E. Suarez, Secretary Terrance E. Suarez

1991 - 1992
President Terrance E. Suarez, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1992 - 1993
President Joseph O. Salerno, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1993 - 1994
President Joseph O Salerno, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1994 - 1995
President Joseph O. Salerno, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1995 - 1996
President Richard C. Hargis, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1996 - 1997
President Gary L. Gilman, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1997 - 1998
President Charles W. Irvin, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1998 - 1999
President Terrance E. Suarez, Secretary Edgar L. Weinberg

1999 - 2000
President Carolyn Copenhaver, Secretary Terrance E. Suarez

2000 - 2001
President Douglas W. Brewer, Secretary Terrance E. Suarez

2001 - 2002
President Seth Wilkins, Secretary Marsha L. Boone
Membership Oct. 1 - 22, Attendance 81%

(End of Year Statistics) 80 Projects Completed, 365 Service Hours, $1610 Spent, 11 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President Carolyn Copenhaver, Secretary Marsha Lynn Boone
Membership Oct. 1 - 20, Attendance 76%

Celebrated 55 years of Kiwanis Service, Monday, April 7. Other clubs attending from Division 3 were Christiansburg, Montgomery County-Blacksburg, Pulaski, and Radford.

(End of Year Statistics) 130 Projects Completed, 501 Service Hours, $2848 Spent, 8 Interclubs

2003 - 2004
President Seth Wilkins, Secretary M. Anne Powell
Membership Oct. 1 - 18, Attendance 73%
Meet Monday 6:00 PM Birdmont Retirement Center

(End of Year Statistics) 61 Projects Completed, 349 Service Hours, $3048 Spent, 11 Interclubs

2004 - 2005
President Ronald Kime, Secretary Margaret Anne Powell
Membership Oct. 1 - 19, Attendance 70%
Meet Monday 6:00 PM Birdmont Retirement Center

Contributed $100 to Tsunami Relief.

(End of Year Statistics) 57 Projects Completed, 297 Service Hours, $2,365 Spent, 8 Interclubs

2005 - 2006
Southwest Virginia Region
President William Brewer, Secretary Margaret Anne Powell
Meet Monday 6:00 PM Carrington Place at Birdmont Retirement Center


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